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Anyone can practice yoga. You neither have to be able to twist yourself into a pretzel to enjoy it, nor do you have to be perfect at it; that is why it is called a yoga practice.

There are immeasurable mental and physical benefits to yoga, including calming the mind, increased flexibilty, improved energy and muscle tone, weight reduction and back pain and arthritis relief .  Therefore, yoga is not just another form of exercise, it is a holistic treatment for your mind and body. Your mat is simply an extension of your practice. Check out our eco-friendly yoga mats Click here.


 “Meditation... is not about being superhuman; it is realising that being human is super.“ (Sadhguru)

Meditation has a wealth of neurological benefits and has been scientifically proven to improve quality of life and well-being. Not to mention, the positive effect it has on quelling anxiety and reducing negative emotions.

Sometimes, tuning in is more powerful than simply being awake.

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Mantras are vehicles or tools that help us to swing back to our centre. The repetition of a mantra during meditation can calm a busy mind. Please do not let anyone fool you into thinking that you have to pay exhorbitant amounts of money for a mantra. Mantras are free and they are for everyone. Below are a few simple, Sanskrit mantras to get you on your way.

So hum : I am that. 

Oh Ah Hum: Tranquility of mind, speech and heart. 

Aham Prema: I am love. 

Aham Brahmasmi : I am one with the universe; I am divine. 

Moksha Ananda Ritam : Emotional freedom, bliss and the rhythm of the divine. 

Om Moksha Ritam : Letting go of what no longer serves you; liberation.

Om Agasthi Shahina : To invoke deep SLEEP only. Not for use during the day. 


Malas can be used with mantras in the same way one would use prayer beads. (Click here for our Buddha Chitta Mala bracelet and Rudraksha Mala)